By using specially adapted cycles, a child with special needs, goes far beyond having fun and creating priceless memories. Bike riding helps them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Movement is crucial for cognitive development. For children with special needs, this movement component may be more difficult. If possible, it is imperative that a child is offered some way to independently move and explore.

Riding a cycle is an activity for all ages and isn’t dependent on being able bodied, it provides a sense of accomplishment, purpose and success for every rider. Adaptive cycles are a wonderful addition for an active outdoors family, because it truly allows for everyone to be included. Why should families be split, or part of the family stay at home, because they can’t source that specially adapted cycle.

Now the main restrictions when it comes to specially adapted cycles are the inflated cost, in comparison to off the shelf cycles. Access to adapted cycles is again extremely difficult, whether your looking to hire one or buy one, as every child has their own requirements.


Jason’s Wheels Community Trust

The Secret of our Success

Jasons Wheels Community Trust are hoping that within the next 6 months we will be in a position to open up supervised adapted cycle sessions, supporting inclusive cycling based in Hyndburn but allowing access to our centre to people in outlying areas of East Lancashire. We believe that every child up to the age of 16, should have access to a cycle, whether able bodied or not… and this is now something we want to offer.

Along with adapted cycles (Recycled) we also want to offer Standard cycles, which will allow ALL families and children to connect together, regardless of whether they are able bodied or disabled. We strongly believe that we can break the barriers between disabled children and able-bodied children, making cycling something that they can all do together, including their parents. We don’t believe that children should be separated. We have just started a Junior Football Club  JWFC which is affiliated by the Lancashire FA, and the aim of this club is that whilst the children who play within this club, they are also helping disabled children become more active, as the money raised within this club will go towards purchasing bikes. It is also a massive start to breaking the barriers that exist.

It has to be ALL children, and NOT separation for Special Needs Children

We have been through this process with Jason, with fundraising to purchase his cycle. Sourcing his cycle based on his own requirements. Our mission is to help families in Hyndburn every way we can, who need access to a specially adapted cycle. Whether by purchasing or looking to hire and cycle in a safe environment.

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