About Jason

Jason was born 2 months early, weighing only 2lb 14oz. He progressed really well, spending 4 weeks in NICU before coming home.

At about 8 weeks old, Jason became ill with Pneumonia and was very lucky to survive. This then started a chain of chest and breathing difficulties, that meant he was back in hospital on a weekly basis.

Things just weren’t progressing as they should, so tests where done around the age of 6 months old. The results where a massive blow to his family, as Jason was diagnosed with a Chromosome Translocation between his 8th and 13th pair.

His family where informed that it was unique, so there was no way of knowing what the future held for Jason. The Translocation had caused Jason’s brain to develop abnormally, and even more worryingly his prognosis was only to live until he was a young adult, and have very limited function.

Good News… After a frightening 3 years, Jason was proving them wrong. He started to get stronger and increasingly becoming aware of his surroundings. With a few more years of intense therapy Jason was beginning to use his hands, able to sit up, and even able to master a few steps.

Jason who is now 13 years old is severely delayed, and has NO verbal communication, but he has a massive character, that just wants to do everything that his brothers and sisters can do.