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    Jason’s Wheels Community Trust          

What we do?

our mission

We want to achieve the greatest positive impact for local children with disabilities and their families, by helping the children become more active and creating a centralised hub for their families.

We give local children with disabilities and their families the support and platform they need to make a difference to their lives and issues. This includes helping them ensure their needs and views are represented.

Offering supervised adapted cycle sessions, supporting inclusive cycling based in Hyndburn but allowing children with disabilities access to us from outlying areas of East Lancashire.

Offering other sporting activities such as football, netball, cricket and many more, allowing other local sporting organisations to become involved in helping local children with disabilities become more active

We believe that children with disabilities should have the opportunity to be involved in all safe forms of sport. A strong society is one where everyone works together.





Whether its Cycling, Football, or Cricket or any other sport, we want to be able to offer a venue that is suitable for any child with a disability and their family in a safe, secure and friendly environment and to provide a social hub that children and their families don’t feel isolated.

 In the aftermath of Covid-19, we feel that we now are all more aware of the feeling of isolation, but there are many families that have felt isolated for many years prior to Covid-19. We want to banish isolation and let a child with a disability feel no different to an able-bodied child and every type of sport available.


we connect with


Local Children with disabilities and their families.


Local SEN Schools in Hyndburn and surrounding areas.


Other local sporting organisations.


The local community.

keep moving

adapted cycling 

Movement is crucial for cognitive development. For children with special needs, this movement component may be more difficult. If possible, it is imperative that a child is offered some way to independently move and explore. It provides a sense of accomplishment, purpose and success for all.  Adaptive cycles are a wonderful addition for an active outdoors family, because it truly allows for everyone to be included.

Why should families be split up, or part of the family have to stay at home because they can’t source that specially adapted cycle. Now the main restrictions when it comes to specially adapted cycles are the inflated cost, in comparison to off the shelf cycles. Access to adapted cycles is again extremely difficult, whether you’re looking to hire one or buy one, as every child has their own requirements.

We have seen this process first-hand, with fundraising to purchase a cycle. Sourcing a cycle based on his specific requirements. We aim to help families in Hyndburn every way we can, who need access to a specially adapted cycle. We’ve continually fundraised and now have a provision of adapted cycles, that children will be able to use. We will be looking at setting up adapted cyclin session in Spring 2022.


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